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Apartments Types

See apartments types, you will find all types of apartments.


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Type 1

2 BedRoom Apartment

Size: 1075.035 sqft

Price Rs: 7,500 / sqft


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Type 2

1 BedRoom Apartment

Size: 630.812 sqft

Price Rs: 7,500 / sqft


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Type 3

1 BedRoom Apartment

Size: 630 sqft

Price Rs: 7,500 / sqft


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Type 4

1 BedRoom Apartment

Size: 515.079 sqft

Price Rs: 7,500 / sqft



Quality Living

Riverhills 2 is a continuation of Riverhills project to offer quality living standards at an extremely affordable price.

Location & Attractions

Riverhills 2, located in the Bahria Town Phase 7 is only a walk away from attractions such as Golf Course, Cinegold, Mac Donlads etc. to make your life at ease.

Easy Payment Plan

Riverhills 2 offers easy payment plans to make your dream of owning a property come true.

Outstanding Community

The eloquent design and well planned Bahria Town community is becoming the number 1 choice for living among the residents of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Riverhills 2 Provides an opportunity to own a house in this wonderfull community.